Paul Heyman Takes A Shot At RAW, Roman Reigns Reacts To SmackDown, Drew McIntyre


During the latest episode of “Talking Smack”, Paul Heyman took a shot at RAW. He said,

โ€œThere is no SmackDown without Roman Reigns! There is no RAW wi-there shouldnโ€™t be a RAW anyway โ€ฆ have you ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘‘ it lately?!โ€

Roman Reigns also took to Twitter following SmackDown, saying,

โ€œI let you open my show, but youโ€™re not going to close it.โ€

Drew McIntyre took to Twitter, commenting on getting to wrestle Ricky Steamboat during his brief 2009 run in WWE. He said,

โ€œWas unreal to wrestle Ricky Steamboat during his brief comeback in 2009โ€ฆ..I also got to work with his son, Richie, in FCW, 2010. Would tell him, I remember back in the day when I used to wrestle your Dad.โ€

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