Paul London Says 205 Live Reminds Him Of The Divas Revolution, Talks Brian Kendrick & More


Former multiple time WWE Tag-Team Champion, Paul London spoke with Ring Rust Radio about numerous topics including London’s former partner & current 205 Live star, Brian Kendrick’s current success. London’s new character in Lucha Underground was also discussed as well as the mid-season breaks of the promotion.

Here are the highlights:


Lucha Underground’s Mid-Season Breaks:

“It’s definitely a ballsy approach and I think Lucha Underground hasn’t made any secret that they are risk-takers and trail blazers. It’s unique to be a part of something like that and it’s a trendsetting thing, to say the least. When you think about it, a lot of show posters for independent and even the big-league show’s card posters as far as the card itself, with who’s going to appear at the event this weekend. I believe a lot of the artwork and things of that nature are uniquely influenced by what Lucha Underground has brought to the table. Even from a design standpoint, they have been trailblazers and kind of revolutionize the approach towards marketing. As far as to take a break between the momentum building for season three, it’s ballsy and it is a risk. Do you lose that momentum and have people say they are so excited but now they can’t remember what happened? I think it’s quite the opposite. I think in wrestling with the current climate with the constant overfeeding, it becomes a binge type situation. I think it’s good to be able to pull that back and make people wait. This way there’s that hunger that continues to build back up because you know the product will deliver. You figure these guys didn’t take a break to come back with a dud so they’re either going to come back and jump the shark or give you something to remember. So, the excitement kind of organically starts to mature in its own right as opposed to having the same ice cream fed to you every week and you know what you’re going to get. I get very over-saturated on a lot of the wrestling that’s out there now and that’s why I don’t watch any of it. I can turn away and come back and still see the same things. I think it helps continue to separate it from the rest of the herd and say that we aren’t really part of the cattle. We are something completely different and it forces you to watch.”

Brian Kendrick’s Current WWE Run:

“I only watch 205 Live whenever I’m at someone’s place that has the network so it’s pretty rare. One friend in Los Angeles has it but he is so busy all the time. He’s a pretty big producer so whenever he has time I will hang out and maybe watch some wrestling. Other than that, I was just on the road and a buddy of mine, JT Dunn and I caught it. Other than that, it feels like a Divas revolution thing to me because the ropes are different color and they want it to be such a standout product so bad that they almost kind of overproduce it as they are known to do with everything they touch. Let’s be honest, they always do that with any shows other than Raw, right? So, I’m watching it and I didn’t watch SmackDown which is sad because I consider that my own stomping grounds. Well, it was Velocity but let’s not be specific. The show started off with a big talking segment and I was pretty sure that is how SmackDown starts off now. So, it’s like this show with characters that may be kind of familiar with, maybe not, but nowhere near the push or the draws of what you are going to get on SmackDown. So that’s like the after party show but let’s start this party off with a bang and let’s have a talking segment. It was just really strange to me you know? I can’t say I am a real fan of what I have seen on there because I guess it does seem to have a ton of preservatives and it just doesn’t taste very good. I’m not saying that because I’m me and I’ve worked there and I didn’t have the greatest of time when I was there. I think it’s just because I feel as though I’m watching a video game and I don’t really like video games unless I’m standing up and I have a pocket full of quarters and I’m actually at an arcade. So, to sit there and watch a video game when you don’t have a controller in hand and can’t do anything about it, it’s kind of frustrating. Especially when a lot of it doesn’t make sense to me. So, it kind of reiterates me and why I don’t watch it. As far as Brian’s character, in the few times I’ve seen it I’m still trying to figure out if he is a psychedelic pirate or like an ice pirate? I don’t know. Is that what people in Venice do? I’ve been to Venice a lot of times and I met a lot of weirdos but man I just don’t know. I’m trying to think if I was walking down the street in Venice Beach, California and I saw this guy with sparkly cheetah pants and a jacket that looked like it was an excellent arts and crafts project walking down towards me, I don’t know what I would think to myself. I guess it would be kind of scary if anything? His characters really scary just because he seems so angry. The verdict still out and I’m just trying to figure it out. I do like that he’s using a different finisher. It’s a submission finisher when applied right it would really hurt. I do like that a lot because he really whored out his sliced bread to where you knew everybody was going to kick out of it. I remember watching a match he had a while back with Silas Young, who is awesome and I love the guy, a real man’s man. Brian hit him with the sliced bread and he kicked out. Then he hit him with this super sliced bread with both of them on the top rope, Silas kicked out again. Who’s possibly going to believe Brian is still going to win this match? It’s obvious he isn’t going to win and of course, he didn’t win the match. Where else can you go after that? People just aren’t going to buy it anymore after that. I thought it was really refreshing to see him come up with a different finisher. I should probably take some note from that but I am pretty protective of my shooting star press. I should still take some note of that. It’s good to have some variety and I do have some tricks up my pant legs, not my sleeves. Tricks are for kids, right?”

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