Paul London Says 205 Live Reminds Him Of The Divas Revolution, Talks Brian Kendrick & More


His “Rabbit Tribe” Character In Lucha Underground:

“You’ll love this. Kung-Fu is a real deep love of mine and at the time I was studying a lot of Kung Fu. I haven’t studied as much lately but I do study on my own instead of being in an organized class which can become heavy during shooting a season. I actually appeared at the end of season two on a test run kind of as just me. I had this weird mindset where I wanted to try to use some of this Kung-Fu in my matches and see if it really works. It tended to make my character more serious. I had this match with Davari on the final taping of season two but thankfully didn’t air because it was really a stinker. Fast forward to the pre-production of season three and I’m kind of down on things because I’m thinking like man, I really want to come back as something really fresh, something that connects with who I am as a person and something I can show up as and haves people say, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know that was him,’ and be different and exciting. I was approached with this idea of this rabbit character idea and I thought I love Battle Beasts but I don’t know if this is quite what we were thinking here. So I envisioned like Warriors of Virtue were bad ass rabbits and nobody is going to be laughing at us. Automatically I’m thinking we’ve got a Puma, we got a moth, we got people from the dead, this is before the snake people so we didn’t quite have them yet, we did have a Dragon, guys from space and just this huge spectrum of characters in Lucha Underground. Then you think of adding this kind of furry, friendly character in a rabbit with a Trix are for kids type of thing. I just didn’t want it to turn into this thing and on a defense, my mind went to Battle Beasts/Warriors of Virtue. Then it turned out that was not the approach either so that was strike two for yours truly. One of my current members was an experiment for the Battle Beasts but the general feedback was you guys look like scuba divers and we can’t tell who’s who. Then it was okay, let’s throw the drawing board out, smash it up, take it out to the field like the nerd dude from Office Space because it is obviously not working. Chris DeJoseph, who is this kind of like, I don’t like to use the term genius because it so whored out term, but he just has this direct cleverness that when he spits something out you think, “Man why didn’t I see that!” It’s just like a fat-free type of creativity. He has a really efficient mindset that gets right to the punch line or the joke or the real crux of the matter. So he goes, “No, no we’re thinking Alice in Wonderland” and the second he said Alice, he didn’t have to finish the Wonderland part because everything clicked and my mind went through the looking glass so to speak. So I thought in my head, you want to go here okay let’s talk because this is exactly up my alley. He must have been looking through my window, he might’ve been he’s a pervert but aren’t we all? So then my immediate response to that I was thinking more Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury, codpieces and Elvis. I remember responding with I think a page of eight to 12 different attachments of just codpieces and close ups of codpieces and I was like, this has to be a part of it because this is where my character’s power will emanate from. Truth is all of us as individuals harness our power from our crotch area. I know it sounds funny but there’s a reason we call them our private parts and there’s a lot of vulnerability right there at the epicenter of our existence. It doesn’t matter for male or female or both combined, you have that region where there’s a lot of vulnerability and there’s a lot of power and we really harness so much power in the crotch area. That kind of became a seed itself and it started to become its own thing. It was almost as we started to finish each other’s sentences after that. We really wanted each character to be unique and you would see this guy in a match and you would know it’s that guy, not as though it’s the red one of the blue one. I think we did a really good job with that as far as making sure each individual has their own personality and flavor to add to the group because I wouldn’t want to do any of that stuff with those guys. It’s a more at home and also allows me to really feed off the creativity which I had never been allowed to do in a wrestling circle. We are very stoked for the rest of season three.”

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