Paul London Says The WWE Cruiserweight Classic Was An Inexpensive Way To Sign 32 Guys


The Kevin Gill Show interviewed Paul London, who talked about the Cruiserweight Classic and tagging with Brian Kendrick. Below are the highlights…

On the Cruiserweight Classic: I think it’s there as their inexpensive way of loosely signing thirty-two guys, seeing who gets the best reaction from the audience and saying, “Who can we make money with? Then we’ll sign these guys to extended deals and go from there.” It’s kind of weird. I look at it is this weird, veiled try-out.

On why his tag team with Brian Kendrick worked so well: The thing I did with Brian worked because we are, were and always will be friends. I had a little bit of success with Kidman for example. We were pals, we were work acquaintances but we weren’t really calling each other between trips. You know? Or texting. Anything like that. That wasn’t going on and that translates in the ring when you’re in there with your buddy. You don’t feel bad about bugging this person at three in the morning. That’s how it should be.

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