Paul Wight Names The Strongest Wrestlers He’s Stepped In The Ring With


Paul Wight has spent his wrestling career towering over his opponents, but there are some who have impressed the giant with their strength.

In 2021, Wight joined AEW after over 20 years of working for WWE as The Big Show.


During an appearance on Duece and Mo, Wight named some of the wrestlers who have amazed him with their strength. He said,

“Mark Henry used to treat me like I was a stuffed animal toy. John Cena was like climbing on a piece of workout equipment in a gym because he was just so stable. And Brock Lesnar was so explosively powerful, Brock grabs you so fast you don’t have time to realize what was happening to you until after it was already over.”

Wight also gave a special mention to Kane who has “mutant strength” and added that Bill Goldberg is “very strong.”

Paul Wight is undefeated since arriving in AEW two years ago, and recently expressed his desire to get back in the ring.

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