Perry Saturn Speaks On Working For Vince McMahon, ECW, More


Former WWE Superstar Perry Saturn recently did a Q&A with Here are the highlights. Chris Jericho donated $5,000, which was incredibly generous. What made the ECW locker room, including guys like Jericho, so special?

“Chris is amazing, and we go back a long time. Chris, John Kronus, and I used to travel to Japan together over twenty years ago. It’s amazing how guys come out of the woodwork when they hear something is wrong, and he wanted to help. The competitiveness stopped in all of the locker rooms I worked. Everybody gets along in the locker room, for the most part. We were all hungry in ECW trying to build something, but I had the same group of friends in ECW, WCW, and WWE. The boys all stick together no matter where you’re at. You’re putting your body in someone else’s hands, and you trust each other with your body. We were lucky. We worked hard, and Paul E. [Heyman] took good care of us. John was a good time, he was just a nut. A lot of the guys in wrestling are nuts, but they’re good guys. John and I were together forever. We lived together, worked out together, and were roommates. John was just a big, happy-go-lucky guy, always having a good time.” What are your memories of working for Vince McMahon? And how exactly did the “Moppy” storyline begin?

“You’d always hear horror stories about working for Vince, but Vince was always cool with me. I have no complaints with Vince. He always treated me fairly, he talked to me respectfully. I have nothing but respect for Vince McMahon. He works harder than any boss I’ve ever seen. “Moppy” started as a punishment, but it worked out because the character got over. I worked with a guy named Mike Bell, and he accidentally put me on my head twice in the match. He did not do it deliberately, but it just knocked me out on my feet. I blacked out and just beat the sh– out of him and didn’t even realize it. WWE was pissed, and when I explained to them what happened, I explained that I was out on my feet and I didn’t really know what I did. “Moppy” came out of my explanation to where they used it like a punishment-type thing. I didn’t want to do it, but you have to do what they want to do, but it ended up getting over for them.”

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