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Pete Dunn Speaks On Getting Praised By Wrestling Legends, Tyler Bate, More


Pete Dunn spoke with the Mirror about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On getting praised by wrestling legends:

“It was one of those things where at the time, you’re in work mode and your mind is on lots of other things. But on reflection it was absolutely surreal the stuff that Triple H was saying. I was getting loads of tweets from people saying that Shawn Michaels had talked about me on Chris Jericho’s podcast and then I got to meet Shawn Michaels when I was over in Florida. It was unreal to be around Fit Finlay and William Regal and pick their brains. It’s absolutely surreal. But like I say that’s on reflection. At the time your head is screwed on and you are ready to work and it all feels more familiar than it should do. Afterwards we all sat around and we were like ‘how has this happened?’ Myself and Tyler were sat there together in a hotel after the show and we were scared to look at our phones, we were like ‘how has this gone so fast?’ Three months before that when we were heading up on the train to Glasgow for try-outs, honestly not even expecting that much, Tyler saying ‘I’m probably too young’ and me saying ‘you never know, something could happen’. And then fast forward three months later and we’re sitting there scared to look at our phones, just thinking how much everything has changed.”

On Tyler Bate:

“I think he’s incredible. I always say to him he could be anything he wants to be. He could be the best wrestler in the world, the best powerlifter, the best bodybuilder. It’s special for us in many ways, but I had a hand in training Tyler. I’m very proud of him. He had his first match with me and his first bookings. It was a really cool moment and I couldn’t be happier for him. We had the sort of match we’ve had so many times and it all felt familiar, but obviously with this reach that WWE has. You don’t quite understand it until you’re a part of it. But the match itself felt familiar and I think that’s why it came across so well, or I thought it did when I watched it back. We worked with complete confidence in what we were doing because we’ve done it so many times.”

Dunn also discussed coming to the states during WrestleMania weekend. You can read the full interview here.

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