Pete Dunne Speaks On A Potential Move To The Main Roster


Pete Dunne has been the WWE United Kingdom Champion since May of 2017 and in that time, a lot of people have wanted the Bruiserweight on one of WWE’s flagship programs, RAW or SmackDown. Pete recently spoke to SportBible and said the following regarding a potential move to one of the permanent US brands:

Yeah, one day! I mean, for now, my focus is entirely NXT UK. I enjoy the stuff I do in the States with the US side of things and I’m really glad I get to have that experience, but still… even when I’m there my main focus is this brand, is this title. I want people to be able to look back at those title defenSes and say every single one of them held up. I want to create something before I eventually do leave to go to the main roster or to the US brand full time or whatever else opens up for me. I wanna build this and make it as solid as I can and build the best foundations as possible. So, that is entirely my focus. But maybe one day.

Pete also said he’d like to face AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan one day when he does move up. To read the full interview, click HERE

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