Pete Dunne Reveals Triple H’s Reaction To Him Using The “Pedigree” & Praises WWE For Letting Him Be Himself


The current WWE United Kingdom Champion; “The Brusierweight” Pete Dunne was a recent guest on Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast. During the interview, Dunne discussed how he used Triple H’s signature “Pedigree” finisher alongside Trent Seven and went over HHH’s reaction to it. Also, the UK Champion had high praises for WWE for simply letting him be himself.

Here are the highlights:


Pete Dunne Praises The WWE:

“In the last 11 years, I’ve almost self-trained myself by wrestling people who are better than me and travelling the world and sort of making my own mind up and creating my own character and again, speaks to how great WWE is. They’ve let me be that person, that character that I’ve created on the independents.”

Triple H’s Reaction To Him Using The “Pedigree”:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more intimidated than the first time he brought it up. I thought we were getting away with it scot-free. I didn’t think he would be paying any attention to what we were doing whatsoever, but he has seen it and it seems like he appreciates it. He was laughing along with us, so that’s cool. He’s taking it all in good humor.”

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