Pete Dunne Talks Preferring NXT Being A Separate Brand From WWE Main Roster


Pete Dunne discussed in an interview on Wrestling Inc. Daily why he likes NXT being separate from the main roster and not being included in this year’s Survivor Series event like last year. 

Here is what he had to say: 

On transforming his body during his time away from the ring due to COVID travel restrictions: “For me, I’ve wrestled since I was 12 years old, so I’ve never had time off or been injured. As injured as I would get, I’d just work through it. There hasn’t been anything too serious. But getting that time off was the first time in my life I could focus mainly on the training aspect of it. Normally, because I’m traveling and busy and focusing on matches coming up, the training was secondary to that. I used the time the best I could. Even though there is the aesthetic part of it. People commented on [my look], and that’s great. I love to hear that. But for me, it’s about performance. I want to come back to put on the best matches I ever had. I want my performance to go up. That has been my main focus.”

On the competitive nature of working in NXT: “The thing with NXT is it has always been this way. I’ve been here for three or four years. I sort of saw a few iterations of NXT, but the one constant throughout is it’s a competitive locker room in a positive way. Everyone is trying to have the best match they can and perform as best they can. That’s exactly the same if there are fans in the building or not as there are fans watching from home. The focus has always been to put on the best show we possibly can. Being in there with people like the Undisputed Era, who I have this history with, especially when you are building to something like War Games [at NXT TakeOver on December 6] where you know it will be competitive. That’s what is great about NXT.”

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