PHOTO: Braun Strowman Shows His Crazy Body Transformation


Braun Strowman took to Instagram today, posting a photo of himself from his main roster debut compared to what he looks like now. He said,

“Wow is all I can say!!! A fan put these two photos together the one on the left is me when I debuted on the main roster the one on the right is me 5 years later ( about three weeks ago I’m even leaner now 🤫) . The craziest thing is there’s only a 30lb difference in the two. Life is yours to make what you want of it!!! I fall in love with the gym more and more everyday. It’s been the one true constant in my life for almost two decades. I’ve enjoyed the ups and down the gains and losses and everything in between. I healthier you is a happier you. Set goals and crush them. And never forget IF YOU DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF THE WORLD WONT GIVE UP ON YOU!!!! #transformation #transformationtuesday #Motivation #LetsFreakingGo #GoalDigger #Jizzacked #FatBoyAbs”

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