​PHOTO: John Cena Swollen Eye – View Now!


UPDATE x 2: Here is a photo of
John Cena’s swollen eye at Sunday night’s WWE live event in Rochester,

UPDATE: Alisha
Loveswrestling Perry sent us this report from Sunday night’s WWE live event in
Rochester, MN:
It was a very short match. John Cena spent most of it
on the ring apron. He only came in at the end to clothesline Bray a few times,
did the Five Knuckle Shuffle/Attitude Adjustment and then got the pin. He didn’t
work the entire match until the finish and his eye is swelled shut as you noted
earlier on the sites.

ORIGINAL: As noted, John Cena
suffered an eye injury after taking headbutts from Bray Wyatt at Friday’s WWE
live event in Madison, Wisconsin.

Cena’s eye has been swollen completely shut and it
looked very bad today.

At tonight’s live event in Rochester, Minnesota, the
main event has been changed to The Wyatt Family vs. Cena and The Usos, instead
of a singles match. There was apparently some concern about a concussion but
Cena even being allowed in the ring indicates there is no concussion.

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