Photographer Claims the XFL Won’t Pay Her Despite Vince McMahon Being Worth $2 Billion


Freelance photographer Melissa Lyttle took to her Twitter account today to reveal that her company, Melissa Lyttle Photography LLC, is listed as one of the companies that the XFL does not want to pay their debt to in their bankruptcy filing. In her tweet, Lyttle noted that Vince McMahon is worth nearly $2 billion and 17 of the 98 vendors that the XFL wants rejected in their filing are freelance photographers. She’s only asking for the $1,000 she’s owed. She said,

“If I’m reading this XFL bankruptcy filing correctly, it sounds like @VinceMcMahon, who’s worth about $2B, apparently needs the money more than I do. I’m listed as one of 98 vendors whose contracts are being rejected. Sadly, I’ll probably never see that $1000 I’m owed now. Sigh.”

We reported earlier today here on eWn that the XFL filing for bankruptcy is hurting Vince McMahon’s reputation among business owners.

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