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NewsPHOTOS: Wrestler With Downs Syndrome Makes In-Ring Debut

PHOTOS: Wrestler With Downs Syndrome Makes In-Ring Debut



We reported last week here on eWn that former WWE Superstar Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley) recently signed a wrestler with Downs Syndrome to his Paragon Talent Group. The wrestler, who is working under the name of “Triple V”, won his debut match at DreamMania.

Muhtadi took to Instagram today to react to Triple V’s debut. He said,

“Last night, Vincent officially became the first ever professional wrestler with Down Syndrome, and he won the match for us. I cannot tell you how proud I am of him for fighting for his family. You may know by now but @triplevforwwe was forced into a position to be the provider for his family after his sister went on a date and was drugged with Fentanyl and left paralyzed. Last night he didn’t just ask for prayers and donations, he fought for them. And he won. But as big as this was for Triple V, he knows that his moment was even bigger for the world. After he won, Triple V signed tons of autographs for kids that wanted to grow up and be just like him, to be included, just to have the chance to become champions and succeed. We put together this entire event in just over a week. I was terrified going into it, more nervous than I ever have been for any wrestling match or football game I’ve ever been in. I was terrified something would go wrong with this much at stake, and my goodness, what if one of the kids got hurt?!? But it was Vincent who repeatedly calmed me down all week and kept me hyped up for the big moment. It was so inspiring. Last night, @official_flo @freetommytext @therealtommycat #BoHenderson all performed. We had a sold out crowd at the @drphillipsctr. This was a concert, a pro wrestling show, and a fundraiser all mixed into one and we got it booked in less than a week. Why? Because so many good people came together to make it happen. @john_chiorando selfishly donated his time, his money, and his resources all to make this a reality. @charlie and the @dreammachineusa spearheaded the whole thing and brought so much attention, love, and effort into this thing that frankly no one else possibly could have. And to all my brothers and sisters in the wrestling world thank you all so much for helping with this. You guys really fought hard and took some serious hits all for the kids. I know most of us are sore today. Special thank you to @daniellemoinet for going above and beyond with the whole week and making Vincent comfortable with all to come. I’m so happy and honored to have been a part of this. Love all of you guys!!!”

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