PHOTOS: WWE Posts Closeup Pics Of Riddle’s Letter From Randy Orton


As seen during last night’s episode of RAW, there was a segment that opened the show where Riddle gave a note to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce that he said was written by Randy Orton. The letter asked for Riddle to take his place in the Triple Threat Qualifying Match for Money in the Bank.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville questioned the authenticity of the letter but still allowed Riddle to compete in the Battle Royal match.

Following RAW, WWE posted a closeup photo of the letter to Instagram. The letter reads,

“Page 1. Aloha. I THE VIPER RANDY ORTON, of Sound Body and Mind, hereby declare that my best friend RIDDLE, hiterfore take my place in tonights last chance triple threat match! Page 2. RIDDLE is the Coolest, most Bodacious bro I could ask for and I would be honored if he were to fight on my Behalf. Aloha, THE LEGEND Killer.”

While Riddle won the Battle Royal to get a spot in the qualifying match, Drew McIntyre won the Triple Threat match in the main event.

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