PJ Black Explains Decision to Sign with ROH


Former WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel, now known as PJ black, spoke to CBS Los Angeles about his decision to sign with Ring of Honor and interest from All Elite Wrestling. Below are some highlights:


PJ on reaching out to peers for help making the decision to sign with Ring of Honor:

“The guys that I got the feedback from, they were very encouraging and telling me how I would fit in with that brand. It’s funny because all those guys jumped ship to AEW now. Which is hilarious to me. I was like ah, okay. What was the point of that? Maybe they couldn’t tell me that whole venture, but whatever it is, either way, I’m super happy with the deal I got and the schedule. There are some good plans for me this year, which I’m very excited about.”

PJ on the name value PJ black vs Justin Gabriel:

“A lot of people don’t know who PJ Black is. I’ve been PJ Black for 15 years. Most people just know Justin Gabriel because he was on TV for seven or eight years. It’s very important for me to show the personality and the character of PJ Black, which is completely different to Justin Gabriel. And they give me freedom and that was the main thing. It wasn’t so much booking and stories that they were gonna give me, but they give me freedom to do whatever I want and that’s how you get yourself over. If people tell you what to do, what to say, how long your match should go, then you don’t have a lot of freedom. So, there’s no way for you to get over. For some guys, there is, but for a lot of guys it’s kind of like being handcuffed in a way.”

PJ talks about the interest from AEW:

“One of the main guys kind of in charge of talent relations, if you will, he was the guy who got me into ROH, and I’m not sure if he thought I wasn’t gonna get the deal or what, he thought I was gonna be left open. Obviously, it was in that transition year where they signed one or two people, but now they’re going all out trying to get a roster together. But again, they don’t have a TV deal yet, they don’t have anything yet, which I know they will get, and it will be super successful. I know that. But it takes time… and I wasn’t gonna wait around. Plus it’s only a year. Anything can happy in a year. A lot can happen in a year, in fact.
I can always revisit that in December.”

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