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NewsPJ Black on His Daredevil Lifestyle, Childhood Influences, More

PJ Black on His Daredevil Lifestyle, Childhood Influences, More



Ring Of Honor posted a new edition of 10 Questions. This week’s star was PJ Black.  The former Justin Gabriel discussed his daredevil lifestyle, his recent on-screen change of heart, and more.

PJ Black talks what he’d be doing if not for Pro Wrestling:

“I have a master’s degree in sports science and nutrition, so probably a holistic sports doctor. Or more likely a cult leader. Or maybe an extreme athlete sponsored by NASA. Or maybe all of the above, who knows?”

PJ on his favorite Superstars growing up:

All the colorful characters from the ’90s. Macho Man, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Adam Bomb, Papa Shango, Bastion Booger. .”

PJ on still wanting to try new daredevil feats:

“I have a list, actually. But I’ll need sponsors because I’m going to need a lot of gadgets and a gargantuan crew to pull it off. Working on it though, so watch this space!”

PJ talks turning face:

“I’ve learned some valuable lessons in my time here. I think it’s an evolving process and it’s still something I’m working on daily. I’ve spent some time with monks, gurus, clairvoyants and spiritual leaders but still haven’t really found myself yet. My whole life, good and bad, has unfolded in front of people, so I try to make better choices now. The universe is my guide now.”

To read the full Q&A, click here.

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