Plans For Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss At Payback Changed Multiple Times, 205 Live Viewership Is Way Down


According to The Observer, for the first time since the weekly Cruiserweight show 205 Live’s debut in November of 2016, it is not in the WWE Network’s top 20 viewed list. 205 Live in terms of viewership has fallen behind to segmented shows such as Talking Smack & Ride Along.

As seen on WWE Payback last Sunday night, Alexa Bliss challenged & captured the RAW Women’s Championship away from Bayley. But, according to Dave Meltzer in this weeks Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Alexa Bliss was not set to win the championship until the morning of the PPV. Meltzer reported that the original plan was for Bayley to retain the championship at Payback, but WWE officials changed their minds the morning before the PPV aired on the WWE Network.


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