Poppy Comments On Performing At WWE NXT’s Halloween Havoc, Io Shirai


During a recent interview with Spin.com, Poppy commented on appearing at NXT Halloween Havoc to perform Io Shrai’s theme song, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On performing at Halloween Havoc: “I’ve played “Scary Mask” now twice on Halloween. The first time was awesome — that was in the middle of a marathon run, but I absolutely wanted to do it. I played a show and then went to Florida to play “Scary Mask,” ran to the airport to fly to London and play an NME event, came back and played another show to pick up on the rest of the tour. It was awesome — I didn’t sleep for like four days. I played the intro music for Io Shirai, and we’ve become friends. She’s one of my favorite wrestlers now. She had a bit recently where she put a trash can over her head and jumped into a group of girls during a match, which was awesome. I love wrestling, so when I had invitation to come play, I had to do it.”


On wanting to work with WWE for a long time: “That was also one of my side dreams from a very long time ago — I wanted to work with WWE. I got the idea after I saw Paul Reubens, Pee-Wee Herman, make an appearance on WWE back in the day. They used my music in a video game and for a couple of intro songs, and then invited me to play. I think I’ve done it three or four times now. [Before the 2020 appearance], I had to go through some pretty intensive testing and screenings because they run a very tight ship. Everyone had to wear masks — it was a whole process. But I was cleared, and it happened!”

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