Positive Update On Charlie Haas After Recent Concerning Reports


There has been a positive update on Charlie Haas following concerning reports about the former WWE Superstar.

It was reported yesterday that Haas missed three events for the All-Star Wrestling Australia promotion, who had been unsuccessful in their attempts to contact him.

Not only did Haas not make the three shows (Oct 14 to Oct 16), but he had not boarded the flight that was set to take him to Australia.

In an update, the promotion confirmed that Haas has been located and is safe. They wrote,

“Second Charlie Haas Statement
Just an update in regards to the Charlie Haas situation as it has now reached international wrestling news websites and we want to be proactive in stopping any rumours that might be going out.
“Yesterday a promoter from Texas that works with Charlie regularly reached out to us informing us that he had spoken to Charlie and that Charlie is safe and they know where he is. Charlie’s agent also informed us that it was a personal matter, that the family was currently dealing with and that Charlie is fine.
“We unfortunately have no further information, we haven’t talked to Charlie directly as of yet but we are currently being patient and sympathetic in regards to the matter and hope to hear from Charlie or some of his people soon.”

Haas, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, debuted for the promotion in 2002 as part of Team Angle.

Haas would team with Shelton Benjamin during much of his WWE tenure before being released in 2010.

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