Possible WWE Over The Limit **SPOILER**, HHH/Criss Angel


— SmackDown’s broadcast in Australia, which has already aired, announced that John Cena would take on John Laurinaitis and Lord Tensai match during the three day tour that starts there on August 30th. In theory, that would mean that Laurinaitis won’t get fired this weekend by losing to John Cena, although of course with three months between then and now they could just find some way to “rehire” him (or change the card).

— Triple H will be a special guest on Criss Angel’s CA Uncensored show today on CrissAngel.com. It can be heard at 3:30pm.

The interview is expected to focus on Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE. This will be his first interview since the announcement of Monday Night Raw becoming a three-hour show in July.

— WWE asking for fans to send them their photos of RAW live events. This is seen as an attempt from the company to interact with their fans.

The photos can be sent to RawFanPhotos@gmail.com.

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