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NewsPotentially Huge News Regarding Kenny Omega

Potentially Huge News Regarding Kenny Omega



It was reported before that Kenny Omega’s NJPW contract would expire on January 31st,  which is two days after the WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV. Now, there is a rumor that Kenny Omega may have got out of his contract back on January 9th, which means he is a free agent. Dave Meltzer brought the situation up on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, though he said that he cannot confirm if Omega’s status at this time.

It’s worth noting Omega keeps claiming he is a free man now and can pick and choose to do whatever he wants. Omega has said that he is taking his time and hopes to have a decision on what he plans to do and where he intends to work.

It is possible Omega might make is WWE debut at the Royal Rumble, though it is a long stretch. He’s working an event in Chile the night before, which means he’d have to catch a flight or cancel his appearance at last minute to get to the show in time.

Source: Ringsidenews

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