Powerhouse Hobbs Shares The Best Advice He’s Received From Mark Henry


AEW wrestler Powerhouse Hobbs has shared some of the pearls of wisdom bestowed upon him by WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

Hobbs began his time with AEW in July 2020 as Will Hobbs, while Henry wouldn’t join the promotion until May of the following year.


Speaking about his “wrestling dad” on Busted Open Radio, Hobbs shared the best advice he’s received from the World’s Strongest Man. He said,

“‘Slow down, [and] know when to change gears. Those are the two biggest things. Actually, the third biggest thing is ‘act my size.’ I’m sitting at 268 pounds. I’m a mon-star, not a monster, but a mon-star. So, he said, ‘be me, act my size.”

Hobbs also recalled a fond moment between the two while backstage at AEW. He added,

“The first time I remember impressing him was my match against Hangman Page, and I came through the curtain and Mark came over and gave me the biggest hug and almost took the wind out of me.”

Hobbs is currently on a six-match winning streak in AEW, with his most recent defeat coming at AEW Full Gear 2022 last November.

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