Preview For Next Week’s Episode Of Total Divas, WWE Network Adds More WCCW Content


— The WWE Network has added more World Class Championship Wrestling episodes from 1987 and 1988 this week to the streaming service. reports that there are now 75 WCCW episodes left to upload: 1 from 1981, 7 from 1982, 3 from 1983, 1 from 1984, 18 from 1985, 2 from 1986, 2 from 1987, 10 from 1988 and 31 from 1989.

— Here is the synopsis for next Wednesday’s Total Divas episode on the E! Network:

“Dressed Like a Champ: The ladies celebrate the success of their historic ladder match, but Lana’s performance suffers intense scrutiny. Meanwhile, Maryse’s fashion makeover triggers Alexa’s painful past, and Nattie, who hates babies, is tasked to babysit Brie’s newborn!”

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