​Prince Devitt Discusses NJPW Departure & WWE Rumors


Credit: Low Blows Podcast

Prince Devitt recently spoke
about his New Japan Departure and more. Here are the

On His New Japan
“I felt that my time there was coming to an end. I was
tired, it’s hard work traveling out there ten times a year, and I felt I wasn’t
giving enough of myself to the company. They wanted me to stay but I felt it was
time for a break, I’ve been out there since I was 24, I’m 32 now. Considering
they brought me for three months in the beginning I felt I’d given my money’s
worth. Obviously the door is still open for the future and I hope to go back and
work with them in the future.”

On Rumors He Signed
With WWE:
“There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about me doing
TNA, WWE and NASA projects, but at the moment I’m happy doing my thing at home.
There is a possibility that I might go to the States in the future for a
potential opportunity there but until then it’s all just rumors and speculation

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