Prince Devitt To WWE Announcement Coming Shortly?, Bill DeMott Scouting Talent, Daniel Bryan Update


— Prince Devitt turned 33 years old yesterday. According to
sources, Devitt recently signed a WWE deal and an announcement is expected in
the near future.

— As a reminder, WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott will be going on
WWE’s upcoming tour of Australia as the company plans to scout talent while
overseas. No current WWE NXT talents are scheduled to be on the tour.

— The story about Daniel Bryan catching a burglar has been picked
up by a lot of media outlets. Bryan also spoke to about it, which you
can read here.

— Bryan mentioned during the press conference that he heard from
the WWE doctor on Thursday after having surgery to fix the compression of his
“ulnar nerve” in two spots in his back. He said that the “ulnar nerve” in his
right elbow is also compressed and he needs surgery to fix it. He will be out of
action longer as it’s not a “quick fix”. He said he has half the strength in his
right arm as he does in his left.

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