Progress Wrestling Announces Club Progress


Progress Wrestling issued the following news about new ticket scheme for fans:

For 2020, we’ll be retiring the Season Ticket scheme. After listening to and taking on board lots of feedback over the years that we offered Season Tickets, we believe that we’ve come up with a solution that offers the best elements of a Season Ticket whilst eliminating those aspects of it that you found most troublesome – specifically finding the funds to pay for a whole year of shows up front in full, and the conflict of wanting the guarantee of a ticket but not being able to fully commit up to 12 months in advance.


Introducing… Club PROGRESS

Club PROGRESS is a membership scheme rather than a Season Ticket.

Memberships will be offered at four different price levels (to reflect the four different ticket bands) as well as a fifth price level designed for those of you outside London but who want to be part of the Club (scroll down for info on that).

£99 – Platinum membership

Front row seat at both Electric Ballroom and Alexandra Palace

£88 – Gold membership

Gold seat (row 2 and 3) at Electric Ballroom

Yellow seat (row 2-6) at Alexandra Palace

£77 – Silver membership

Regular seat (row 4 back) at Electric Ballroom

Orange seat (row 7-12) at Alexandra Palace

£66 – Bronze membership

Standing ticket at Electric Ballroom

Green seat (row 13 back) at Alexandra Palace

Membership guarantees that you can get a ticket in your chosen ticket band for all fourteen shows at the Electric Ballroom and Alexandra Palace. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Here’s how it works:

Each member gets assigned a unique membership code.

One week before a show goes on sale, we’ll open a members-only presale. During that presale, each member will be able to log in using their unique membership code and be able to purchase one ticket in their designated ticket band. That ticket will be discounted by 20% compared to the face value.

Your ticket is guaranteed as long as you get it during the members-only presale; you don’t have to get it as soon as the presale opens, you can get it any time during that presale.

We’ll tell you when the presale window opens, and we’ll remind you before it closes.

If you don’t claim your ticket during the presale window, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a ticket; but you’ll pay full price once the presale window closes, and you won’t necessarily be able to get a ticket that corresponds to your membership band. Obviously tickets are subject to availability once the members-only presale closes.

Using our January 19th show date as an example:

Monday 18th November – members presale opens, runs until 11.59pm on Sunday 24th November.
25th November – general on-sale opens.
Please note that this is just an illustration, not necessarily the actual dates that will be applicable.

So… if you know in advance that you can’t make a show, rather than waiting for that show to sell out in order to move your ticket on, you just don’t claim your ticket during the presale window.

If you do claim your ticket and then find out that you can’t make the show, our new ticket platform has a waiting list feature which will open once the show is fully sold out. Please be aware that you will only be able to offer your ticket at the price that you paid for it – ie, 20% discounted compared to face value.

£44 – World membership

All the Club PROGRESS perks outlined below. If you come to our shows outside London, and/or you follow from afar, this is the one for you. Please note that World membership does not guarantee tickets, discounted or otherwise.


There are some lovely extra perks to being a Club PROGRESS member:

  • exclusive Club PROGRESS membership pack with goodies worth £30+ including a member-exclusive shirt, pin, and of course membership card.
  • 10% discount on merchandise, both in person, and online using your unique membership code
  • early ticket access to other shows (including those outside London and internationally)

We’ll keep working on membership perks and hope to be able to offer more than the list above (although that’s a pretty good list to start with!) as the year goes on. Our goal is to provide members with incredible value for money.

When do memberships go on sale?

2019 Season Ticket holders will be given priority access to Club PROGRESS memberships (as they would be if we were offering 2020 Season Tickets)

28th October – 2019 Season Ticket holder exclusive access opens
1st November – general sale opens
13th November – memberships off sale

Got questions? Ask us via email or Twitter!


2020 Ticket Prices

We’ll be switching to a new ticket platform for 2020 onwards.

This new platform offers greater security, simpler purchasing, and has a host of excellent built-in features which will make the whole process more user-friendly.

We’ll be able to tell you more about our new ticketing arrangements in due course.

The ticket prices below are FULL PRICE; for members pricing deduct 20%

Electric Ballroom Shows

Front Row Seat £30 + fees = £33
Gold Seat (Row 2/3) £27 + fees = £29.70
Regular Seat (Row 4 back) £24 + fees = £26.40
Standing £20 + fees = £22

As you can see, even though we’re moving to a new ticket platform which charges fees, we’ve been able to minimise the overall price rise… meaning that the total ticket price for Electric Ballroom shows is no more than £1 higher compared to 2019.

Super Strong Style 16 – Day Tickets

Front Row Seat £40 + fees
Yellow Seat (Rows 2-6) £37 + fees
Orange Seat (Rows 7-12) £34 + fees
Green Seat (Row 13 back) £30 + fees

We don’t yet know how tickets are going to be handled for these shows. There may be a postage charge for paper tickets. When we know more, we’ll update you.

2020 London Show Dates

We guarantee that members will be able to buy a ticket for shows at the Electric Ballroom and Alexandra Palace, in their chosen price band, as long as they claim their ticket during the presale window.

show dates subject to change in exceptional circumstances

January 19th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
February 23rd – Electric Ballroom, Camden
March 29th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
April 26th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
May 23rd-25th – Alexandra Palace
June 28th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
July 26th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
Aug 30th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
Sept 27th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
Oct 25th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
Nov 29th – Electric Ballroom, Camden
December 30th – Electric Ballroom, Camden


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