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Promotor Maven Bentley Retiring From The Wrestling Business



Promotor Maven Bentley, who has been a big part of CZW and is very well known in the Pennsylvania wrestling scene, took to Facebook earlier today to announce that he’s calling it a career.

You can check out his official announcement below:

”Last night, at Studio Z, I performed at what I hope was my very last professional wrestling show. For 20 years, I have had the privilege of entertaining crowds either directly or indirectly as “Maven Bentley”. That era has ended. The Maven Bentley Association, LLC will still exist and my brother Brendon will take the promotion services division (get at him at [email protected]) to ensure licensing and insurance is available to indie promotions.

CZW will continue with a new management team that represents more diversity than I have ever seen in any wrestling promotion.

I am proud for any part I had in opening doors for nonwhite, nonmale wrestling enthusiasts to become part of the business. In 1996 when I was hosting a local wrestling cable access how, many of my Black friends all told me how corny that Whyte stuff was. Ten years later I was travelling the world on other people’s dimes making money to support my family as (what I am told) was the first African American promoter in PA history.

Last night I was touched by the amount of young wrestlers of all backgrounds in the locker room thanking me for my contribution to this business. I simply hope I gave more than I took from wrestling. I hope that people that worked on a show promoted by the MBA felt safe. I hope people who came to show promoted by the MBA felt inspired.

I don’t know that I can go through a list of everyone who has helped me as there are so many, even those who I don’t speak to anymore. Wrestling is a sport run by people whose names you don’t know most of the time and the front men who get all of the credit cannot thank enough.

So allow me to thank my support team in every company I have ben apart of; every security guard, every travel coordinator, every accountant, every EMT, every doctor, every usher, every driver, every ring crew, every graphic designer, every editor, every director, every sound guy, every camera person, every concession stand worker, every gimmick maker, everyone-period.

This business is full of snakes and people only interested in their self-interest (no names today… let’s save that for the shoot. lol), so special shout out to every vet who stood up for me, called the “big guys” for me, threatened people to make sure I got paid, showed me a move, critiqued my promos, put me over, worked on one of my charity shows, spoke to educators for me, spoke to kids for me, took pictures with my charitable organizations logo to blast on social media, and just gave a damn.

Thank you to the few people silly enough to dub themselves “Maven Bentley guys”. I have no belief that I responsible for anyone’s success (ok maybe one or two people. Lol).

But in all seriousness, if you are the king or queen of the indies, an AEW, WWE or Impact star and thanked me for making a call, helping you get in shape, worked on your promos, or just booked you to the moon, I will say publicly the same thing I probably told you privately, “Thanks but you did the hard work. I just showed you the door. You walked through it.” 2022 will be a year that I use to refocus on me. I will focus on my work with children and those who work with them. I will focus on my girlfriend and the kids (by the way I am still waiting for you to propose;) ).

I will do my best to be the man my parents would have wanted me to be. I will work on being a role model for children. I will work on being the best Tyrone, I can be. Thank you all.

And I still expect my royalty checks… because somebody has to pay!

That’s my Rep…”

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