Pure Rules Tag-Team Match Set For ROH Final Battle, Quinn McKay Note


Ring of Honor (ROH) has announced that they will be holding their first-ever Pure Rules Tag-Team match at Final Battle:

At the Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 18, ROH will present the first-ever Pure Rules tag-team match. The rules for the bout will feature the traditional Pure Rules environment plus the following additional rules:

*A legal tag requires the wrestler on the apron to reach over the top rope and tag his partner hand-to-hand while holding the tag rope with his other hand.

*Each wrestler has five seconds to exit the ring after a tag is made.

*Each time a team breaks up a pinfall or submission, that team will lose a rope break. Breaking up a pinfall or submission when a team is out of rope breaks will result in a disqualification.

The competitors for the match have not yet been announced.

Also, Quinn McKay will be on Monday’s episode of the ROHStrong podcast:

“In a revealing discussion, McKay talked about being physically attacked by The Allure’s Angelina Love and Mandy Leon on the “ROH Week By Week” set; why she challenged Love to a match and whether she thinks she can actually defeat her; training to be a wrestler at the ROH Dojo before she became a member of the broadcast team; and her days playing roller derby and working as an on-air personality at a radio station.”

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