QT Marshall Discusses HOOK’s Rise In AEW, What He Could Become


During a recent appearance on the “WrestleTalk Podcast”, QT Marshall commented on the rise of HOOK in AEW, when he realized he could become a special talent, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On HOOK’s rise in AEW: “It’s crazy if anyone says nothing is done by design, but that’s what professional wrestling is. You’re able to do whatever you want. One day, Person X could be losing in a minute and a half. Six weeks later, they have a different haircut and they’re the biggest star in the world. That’s the option we have. So, to take a young talent like Hook who was gaining the popularity before he even stepped in the ring and let him go out there and see what he could do, the fans are as rabid as can be. They also want to see everyone succeed. I think he’s doing really well. He’s as real as it gets. Sweatpants to TV, a hoodie, there’s no collared shirt. He is exactly what you see. It’s not what I taught him but….I’m not really happy about the way he disrespected everything I try to teach and what I try to instill in all the athletes from the Nightmare Factory.”

On when he realized HOOK could become a special talent: “I think it was pretty early because of how unique he is. And then when you actually look at the way he is – the vibe and whole presentation of who he is. The whole presentation is so different and so outside the box. From the entrance to the music to the way he doesn’t even get to the middle of the ring and just leans on the turnbuckle. There are just so many things that are different. And what’s what the fans want. The whole time AEW had started, everyone had said ‘we need an alternative.’ He’s giving you an alternative compared to every other wrestler out there. I think it was pretty early. Just by his look, he’s very unique and young and good-looking. He’s become a man in the past year right in front of our eyes. He took his hoodie off one time and you see his muscle and go, ‘Oh, okay. This isn’t just a skinny kid in a hoodie.’ He’s a college athlete. I kind of knew right away. He took it very seriously from the beginning, and if you do that, the sky is the limit.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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