Quetzalli Bulnes Released From WWE Over Actions At Mexico Live Event


Spanish-language presenter Quetzalli Bulnes has been released from WWE over her actions at a recent WWE live event.

In October, Bulnes was part of an unplanned spot during an event in Mexico when a prominent YouTuber called Falbak jumped the barricade.


Byron Saxton, who was in the ring at the time, called security on Falbak but Bulnes told them not to bother.

It was reported after that WWE was not informed ahead of time of the spot that Bulnes and Falbak had planned out.

In a now-deleted Tik Tok video, Bulnes confirmed reports of her release and addressed her battle with alcohol dependency.

“I no longer work with the company that I used to be a host. And I was with it for 4 years. I want to tell you that it has been a very strong journey for me, in which I have completely avoided drinking, going out, in which I am living 100 percent all the emotions.

“I have to accept that I feel sad, and a little lost. I don’t know where I’m going to go. And even though I don’t want to drink or doing anything else, I accepted this time for me to start using my Raj product which has cocoa in it, and cocoa helps a lot with depression and sad processes so let’s start right now I’ll let you know all”.

Raj is a cocoa product from the company Terragia, which Bulnes is a part of.

Speaking more about her WWE release, Bulnes said, I am living a moment like mourning.”

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