Quick Extreme Rising & EVOLVE 6/30 Results Inside Here


Source: Pwinsider

— Here are the quick 6/30 EVOLVE results:

FUW Pre-Show:

* Dark Match: Steel Horse Vachon versus Threat

* Flash Champion Lince Dorado defeated Rocky Santiago and Maxwell Chicago via pin

* Kory Chavis defeats Bill Slater via pin

* The James Boys retained the FUW Tag Team Titles over Francisco Ciatso and Eric Cooper

* Sam Shaw defeated James Alexande via pin

* Kevin Sullivan defeated Fidel Siera

* FUW Heavyweight Champion Kahagas defeated Michael Tarver via pin


* The Scene (Caleb Konley and Scott Reed) defeated Kennedy Kendrick and Damien Angel via pin

* Style Battle Tournament Match: AR Fox defeated Tommy Taylor via pin

* Lince Dorado defeated AR Fox via pin

* Alex Reynolds and John Silver defeated Mike Cruz and Cheech via pin

* Jake Manning defeated Blain Rage via pin

* Non Title Match: Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano defeated Tony Nese via submission

* Samuray Del Sol defeated Chuck Taylor via pin

* Style Battle Tournament Match: Jon Davis defeated Bobby Fish via pin

— Here are the quick 6/30 Extreme Rising results:

* Perry Saturn defeated Papadon via pin

* The FBI defeated Los Dramticos via pin

* Balls Mahoney defeated CW Anderson via pin

* 2 of 3 Falls Extreme Lucha Match: Bestia 666 defeated Pescadilla 2 falls to 1

* Stevie Richards defeated Luke Hawx via pin

* Sabu defeated Devon Storm via pin

* The Gangstas defeated BLK OUT via pin

* Homicide defeated Jerry Lynn and Matt Hardy via pin

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