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NewsQuick Note On Imposter, The Miz' Time Off, Tool/3MB

Quick Note On Imposter, The Miz’ Time Off, Tool/3MB



— As previously reported, Tool performed a private concert for the 3MB faction prior to Monday’s RAW at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. Apparently the trio were invited by Tool guitarist Adam Jones, who is reportedly a big pro wrestling fan.

— As a reminder, The Miz will be taking time off next week in order to get married to Maryse on February 20th in the Bahamas. He is likely to miss the Elimination Chamber but will be back for the following week’s house shows.

— Just to note eWN readers – there seems to be an imposter who apparently is replying to site users below in the comments section under a name nearly identical to my posting name and is also using the same profile photo that I use. For future reference, if a post on the comments section is from me, my name will have the word “MOD” next to it. I often don’t reply as I like to let you guys have fun and interact with each other. 99% of you guys are awesome and we can’t thank you enough that. There will always be that select few though and it sucks as they ruin it for everyone else. The current mod team and I are banning the imposters and their IPs as we see them. I know several other users have had the same issue as you’ve emailed us about it. We are taking care of things and talking with DISQUES to explore what can be done about it. It’s sad that someone actually takes the time to create profiles with near identical names, same profile photos, etc. of some of our users. Some people have way too much time on their hands I guess. We apologize for the issues and are working hard to fix things. Thanks for sticking with us guys.

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