R-Truth Comments On His Next Music Project, & More


During a recent appearance on the “Peaks and Valleys With TK Trinidad” podcast, WWE Superstar R-Truth commented on his next music project, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his upcoming “Legacy” music project: “I have a project coming out called Legacy. We don’t know if it’s a project, album, or what. We’re still in that planning mode. I have 40 songs done. This pandemic has been a blessing in that I was able to record 40 songs. Now we’re trying to strategically figure out how we’re going to feed and market this. I have a song about the Bayou on there. I have a rock and metal song. I got a country song. All of it is fire. I’m hoping it’ll be released in the next three months. That’s what we’re banking on.”

On his music: “My music has changed tremendously from music being the reason I’m in the wrestling business to me learning and knowing and having the catchphrases to now, it’s not like I came in the business and got this gimmick. I’ve been doing it since before I started wrestling. Being at the age I’m at, I got some dope ass music and you get a lot of what I’ve been building up for. You get the raw s*** now. I’m hoping [to debut a song on WWE]. Right now, I just want to make enough hits for everyone to recognize.”

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