​R-Truth Discusses His New Rap Single, Emotions In The Ring, How He Prepares For A WWE Event


During a recent interview with The Shreveport Times, R-Trush discussed how he gets ready for a WWE live event, his rapping skills and more. Here are some highlights:

On his new single “What’ Cha Do to Get It?”: “My music isn’t the typical rap music you hear now. My music is about being positive, being inspired, having ambition, following your dreams, having respect for yourself, believing in yourself and not depending on anybody else.”

On releasing emotions in the ring: “R-Truth and Ron Killings are two different people. You rarely will see R-Truth showing anything. He’s always in that mood. He’s the guy you want to see when you’re going through something because he’s in that mood and has something good to tell you.”

R-Truth on how he gets ready for a show: “I’ve been doing this for 17 years and right now it’s pretty much like sitting in the saddle. I do my same ritual. I listen to my music to mentally get my mind right, I go through my stretches and after that I crank that car up and I drive it. I listen to everything. I’m always listening to some Lil’ Boosie, Wale, Marilyn Manson, Christina Aguilera, Hank Williams, Jr., Shooter Jennings — a wide range of music.”

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