R-Truth Discusses The WWE Hardcore Title vs. The WWE 24/7 Title


During a recent appearance on “The Ryan Show”, WWE Superstar R-Truth commented on the WWE 24/7 Championship and WWE Hardcore titles, and more.

As many of you know, R-Truth (known as K-Kwik at the time), won the Hardcore title twice. He is also a 53-time 24/7 Champion. Truth said,

“The Hardcore Title was so quick and abrupt. I don’t even remember who I beat, I think Raven beat me for it. Coming from me, the Hardcore Championship ain’t got shiznit on the 24/7 Championship. That title had an article by Forbes magazine. Google that. That championship was doing 20 million views per week. I don’t remember the Hardcore Championship doing none of that. The 24/7 Championship brings celebrities and people from different walks of life together. It almost connects celebrities together because there are so many die hard, closet wrestling fans, you can live your dream with the 24/7 Championship.“

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