R-Truth Loses WWE 24/7 Title While Golfing


R-Truth’s reign as WWE 24/7 Champion has created some comedic moments as of late. Content released today by WWE didn’t disappoint to say the least.

R-Truth was ambushed by Jinder Mahal during a golfing trip, losing the title in the process. However, Jinder’s reign would be very brief as R-Truth quickly recaptured the belt.

It had been suggested the WWE 24/7 Championship could even change hands on social media. Today marks the first time the belt had changed hands like this.

In other social media news regarding the title, Drake Maverick has been on quite the search campaign for R-Truth. He’s created flyers and fans have even chimed in with intel on his whereabouts.

What are your thoughts on the WWE 24/7 Championship?

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