Raj Singh Wants To See A New Impact Wrestling Game Released


Although Raj Singh hasn’t heard anything about a potential new Impact Wrestling game happening, he’d love to see it.

This is something he discussed when he was a recent guest on the “Wrassingh Show”. Impact had meetings with Virtual Basement about a possible game back in 2020, but nothing came from it. Impact’s only console game was 2008’s TNA Impact!.

“I haven’t heard anything,” Singh said about a possible game (per Fightful). “If there is, it’s under wraps. I would love to see that, just because you grew up your whole life playing video games. With WCW Revenge, playing as all my favorites and playing as all the guys that I used to like that nobody else knew because I was a wrestling fan and then all of a sudden they became stars. I remember using Eddie Guerrero in that game and nobody knew who he was, and next thing you know he becomes the best.”

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