Rampage Discusses How Tough Pro Wrestling Is, More


Credit: MMAMania.com


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently spoke about how tough the pro wrestling business is. Here are the highlights…

On pro wrestling being tough: “People don’t understand how tough it is,” Jackson says shaking his head. “It hurts. It hurts hitting the ropes. Getting slammed… All that stuff hurts. It’s like being a live stunt man. You have to keep going,” he continued. “I saw a guy get hurt. I saw it with my own two eyes. The guy got hurt and he still had to keep going. He got hurt for real and then later they put him back stage and took him to the hospital. You have to trust the other guy not to hurt you. I’m second-guessing, what if that sh** happened to me and then I have to go fight?”

On his respect for wrestlers: “I really respect those guys,” he said. “A lot of people hate on pro wrestling. They say ‘that’s fake.’ It’s not really fake. It’s entertainment. It’s not really fake, but if they want to hate on pro wrestlers and call it fake then they shouldn’t watch any action movies at all. Action movies are the fakest things.”

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