Randy Orton Reaches Milestone, SummerSlam Tix, MSG


— Apparently WWE Superstar Randy Orton hit the 1,000-day mark for his career as a WWE Champion today. That puts him 10th place all-time in total accumulated time as champion in WWE history.

— At Saturday night’s Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes game, they pushed that SummerSlam tickets would be available at the Staples Center in L.A. on March 15th. We noted earlier that The Kings mascot then reportedly tried to lead the crowd in a “Yes!” chant, one that apparently didn’t exactly catch on.

— Regarding the WWE Network, there is discussion of releasing the entire collection of Madison Square Garden events on the Network over the next several months. As far as new content being added to the WWE Network, there is said to be a time consuming process in getting footage available to be added.

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