Randy Savage’s Family Meet Up To Celebrate His Life


TMZ reports that Lanny Poffo and his 86-year-old mother Judy got together at an Olive Garden in Tampa, Florida to celebrate “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s life. They chose the location because it was the place they usually went as a family.

Poffo said they had so many happy memories at the Garden and today they wanted to focus on the Macho Man’s life and the good times, not his death. Meanwhile, Poffo says that Savage’s widow is having a tough time after his death, as she was a passenger in the car when he suffered a heart attack and crashed into a tree in 2011. He was 58.

Poffi said: “I have to be strong for my family now. I’m just glad to have had him as a brother and wanna celebrate his life as much as I can instead of continuing to mourn.”

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