Rapper T-Pain Reacts To The SmackDown! Rap Battle, Says He Should Have Moderated It, More


In an interview with The Sheet Podcast, T-Pain said that he should have been the one to moderate the Smackdown Live rap battle between the Usos and the New Day. Here are highlights:

On wanting to be involved: “I felt like they should have had me instead of Wale. I love Wale to death, that’s my brother. But I felt like I could’ve had a little more insight on that thing. I think the reason they didn’t get me is because I would’ve been a little biased. Not going to lie.”

On how Wale did: “He (Wale) lost his shoe! He lost control of his feet. You’ve got to tie your shoes beforehand, that’s the trick. Rappers don’t like to tie their shoes for some reason.”

On if New Day won: “I feel like they held it down. They did their thing. Kofi got a little confused at a couple points. But Big E held it down. Xavier always holds it down, me and him are always rapping on the phone so that’s always cool. But I’ve got to say man, Usos, they didn’t disappoint at all. They had it together. I think they had to watch some battles on YouTube beforehand, just so they can see how that works. And like Wale said, I don’t think it was fair because they’re twins and they share the same brain.”

On the Usos hinting at the Paige/Xavier Woods sex tape: “Everything got a little personal after a while. But that’s what battles are. When you get into a battle, if you mess around and start losing a little bit then you know it’s starting to get personal. Things are going to get way deep into the history. Kudos to him (Xavier) pulling out the Total Divas line. I mean, straight to the gut. That was straight-up a ball slap. He hit them right in the balls. There’s nothing else they could come with after that. But the Usos have pure skills. It’s not surprising, saying they love hip-hop and saying they study it. Xavier is always into music from the conversations we have. It’s pretty cool that they held it down as much as they did, but I know for a fact the Usos love rap and they love rapping. And they probably wrote some of that already.”

On if Woods reached out to him: “I don’t think he wanted to be as serious as I was going to make it. I was going to go for it. If I was going in, I’d start talking about your hair, your legs, I’m covering the whole thing. I’d start talking about traditional stuff with your culture, and no one wants that on a family show.”

On his favorite thing in wrestling: “I’m super biased, man. Anything that’s got anything to do with New Day, that’s just what I’m all about.”

On working with Woods for Twitch: “We’ve already got it planned man. We’ve got different games, we got old games, doing discussions, answering questions from sides of industries. We’re just doing different segments for different times. It’s going to be a big deal.”

On if he likes Braun Strowman: “Oh my God, yeah. My son has been keeping me up with it. I can never catch it because I’m on planes all the time. TheWiFi sucks in the hotels so I can’t stream nothing. So my son has been explaining it the best he can, but he’s also 10-years-old so it’s hard to keep up with it.”

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