Raquel Gonzalez Comments On Being Inspired By The Undertaker & Kane, More


During a recent interview with TVInsider.com, Raquel Gonzalez commented on being inspired by The Undertaker and Kane, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her pairing with Dakota Kai being compared to Diesel and Shawn Michaels: “It’s an absolute honor to be compared to two legends. It’s mind blowing. Us being paired together has been a learning process and confidence boost for us both. She brings so much more to the ring than I do. I give her that power and strength boost. It has given us a confidence we didn’t have in our own selves. Even though we are taking care of our separate businesses, we’re still there together.”


On bringing back the Mae Young Classic: “I would like to see it come back. It was a good platform. There is a variety of different talent within the women’s division. There is so much women’s wrestling going on in the world.”

On who has been coaching her at the WWE Performance Center: “Everyone at the WWE Performance Center has been so helpful and kind to me ever since I started. Sara Amato has been the one in the past year that really helped me hone my skills and my skillset, and bring in some new stuff that could help me differentiate myself from the other big girls. I have to give the biggest thanks to her and her class last year. Scotty 2 Too Hotty helped me at the beginning of my career, as well as Robbie Brookside, and Norman Smiley. They’ve all taught me a different set of skills. Scotty brought [out what] is more of the attitude part I feel like I needed to work on. It has really been an all hands-on project. Sarah has helped me the most at this time, though.”

On who inspires her: “I studied Stan Hansen for so long because of his wild aggression and grittiness. That’s something I try to portray because I am a big, strong powerhouse. I’m also gritty. I also watched a lot of Madusa. I just loved the way she moved in the ring. Her athletic ability, her creativeness, her skillset. It was different stuff she did for women’s wrestling. I take a little from Eddie [Guerrero] with his style and attitude. Then I watch The Undertaker and Kane and their stature and how they carry themselves as the big men on the roster.”

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