Raquel Gonzalez Praises Bron Breakker & Joe Gacy, Talks Main Roster Opponents


During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Raquel Gonzalez commented on the recent work of Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy in WWE NXT, potential main roster opponents, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Bron Breakker: “He’s very much full of energy, he’s very much what you see on NXT 2.0. He’s full of color, he’s a light to a lot of people and he is very strong, as you can tell. It’s great to see new talent come in with that kind of raw strength. To be put in the position he’s in, I think he’s handling it very well.”


On Joe Gacy’s character: “I love it. I think it brings something different to NXT 2.0. The way he talks and the way he moves and the facial expressions that he makes are just all one good package of him showing a different side to wrestling. It’s not all about brawn and strength. It’s also about the mental side and the emotional side and Joe Gacy is bringing a little bit more of that to it.”

On potential main roster opponents: “Watching Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch go at it at Survivor Series was absolutely epic. I have always wanted to step into the ring with either one of them. I feel like they always both always bring their A-game. And getting to watch Charlotte Flair work with Rhea as well, and Rhea being my friend. I think Rhea is amazing, she’s so talented, she is so young, she has so much more to show this world and to prove. To watch what she’s done with Charlotte Flair is an inspiration to the rest of us who are waiting for that opportunity. I would love to step into the ring with one of the OG Four Horsewomen.”

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