Raquel Rodriguez On Who She Went To For Advice About Transition To WWE’s Main Roster


Raquel Rodriguez was interviewed by POST Wrestling’s John Pollock ahead of tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event.

During the interview, the SmackDown Superstar was asked about who she has gone to for advice about making the jump from NXT to the main roster. She said,


“I’ve looked to Rhea Ripley a lot (for advice) because we are close friends, frenemies, whatever you wanna call us. But she has had her experience on the main roster for a little bit longer than I have so I do go to her for a lot of advice, especially when it comes to these bigger events like Elimination Chamber and I know she’s gonna be here this weekend as well facing Beth Phoenix. I’ve also had the opportunity of talking with Beth as well and she’s someone I’ve looked up to my entire career since I was a little girl because she was one of the stronger women. She’s always been presented as a stronger, bigger woman and that’s something that I really looked up to as an idol, someone who struggled with the way they looked and always being different and I finally learned to hone into my size and use it to my advantage and be very proud of it because it’s something that I bring that’s different to the table and I’ve also actually looked to Natalya a lot as well and you know, she’s one of the longest tenured women on the roster but she has the most knowledge and experience but not only that, she’s so amazing to share it all with us because she’s so willing to share it with us, she’s so willing to give us her experiences, to give us her knowledge, to give us her advice and I take every single word for what it is and I love that she is just willing to pass that down to everyone else and share that with us and even getting the opportunity to share the ring with her is always such an amazing experience because she’s just amazing, I love her.”

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