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NewsRaquel Rodriguez Provides Injury Update On Liv Morgan, Talks Jade Cargill/WWE

Raquel Rodriguez Provides Injury Update On Liv Morgan, Talks Jade Cargill/WWE



Raquel Rodriguez recently spoke with the Dallas Morning News to discuss a variety of topics, including her expectations for her match at WWE Crown Jewel 2023.

Additionally, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion commented on Jade Cargill signing with WWE and provided an update on Liv Morgan.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her expectations for her match at WWE Crown Jewel: “Well, this will actually be my first time going to Saudi Arabia. So, I’m very excited. I’m even more excited to be in a Fatal 5-Way and, of course, any time I get to wrestle Rhea the energy is super, super high. But not only am I stepping into the ring with Ripley, I’m stepping in there with, of course, the returning Nia Jax. The force to be reckoned with. The bad woman, Shayna Baszler. And of course, the wild card Zoey Stark. So, I’m a little nervous, you know, trying to figure out how I should prepare for this. Thankfully, we have a little bit of time, but this coming Monday when we’re in Dallas, I think we’re gonna add a little bit more of the pieces to the puzzle.”

On Jade Cargill joining WWE: “We have one of the most competitive and badass women divisions in the entire world when it comes to wrestling, especially women’s wrestling. The representation of strong, powerful, beautiful women is just really, really powerful right now in the WWE and across the globe. So, adding Jade to that — and of course, you know, on the blue side [SmackDown], we also have Bianca [Belair], we have Bayley, we have Charlotte [Flair], I mean, the list goes on and on of strong, beautiful women, and adding her just kind of gives it a little bit more of a perch. We just have a whole roster full of powerhouse women and I’m excited to see what we do.”

On Liv Morgan’s recovery process: “Yeah, I’ve talked to Liv. She’s doing great. She’s really recovering well. She’s in very good spirits, and of course, she’s very, very anxious to come back. I don’t have a specific date of when she’ll be back. We’re all waiting for her. I know, I miss her terribly. So I’m very excited for that. But I feel like time has been flying, and she’s just been on it, on her recovery. So I would assume she’d be back sooner rather than later. And probably before any of us can really imagine.”

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