Raquel Rodriguez Wants To Face Dakota Kai & IYO SKY In The Women’s Tag Team Tournament Finals


During today’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump,” WWE Superstar Raquel Rodriguez commented on wanting to face off against Dakota Kai and IYO SKY in the finals of the ongoing WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament.

For those unaware, Gonzalez is partnered with Aliyah in the tournament. Raquel also has a long history with Dakota Kai from their time in WWE NXT 2.0.


You can check out some highlights from the show below:

On if she’d want to face Dakota Kai and IYO SKY in the tournament: “1000%, yes. I love both of those women. They are just aggressive and hungry, and I know first-hand how hungry Dakota Kai is for gold. So I know that these women’s tag titles really mean a lot to both of those women, and I love competition. If I can get into the ring with both of them, I know the competition is just gonna be there. So yes, I am looking forward to meeting them and getting in the ring.”

On teaming with Aliyah: “I think what it is us that we have experienced together. We’ve built our friendship up through the five years that we’ve known each other working at NXT together. So we already have that chemistry, but it’s definitely a duo that nobody’s really seen, and I don’t think anyone can really prepare for. Because when you prepare for one opponent, you’re like okay, what are their strengths and weaknesses? But Aliyah and I are so completely opposite but so on the same mind and wavelength as well that I just feel like no one’s gonna be able to prepare for us. We are just indestructible right now.”

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