More On The Ratings For Thursday’s iMPACT! Wrestling Broadcast + Honma Able To Stand (Photo)


iMPACT! Wrestling’s ratings have been steady throughout most of the year, but it has had a couple variations. This week added to those rare ups and downs as it shed a tick, down to a 0.06 and 255,000 viewers for Thursday’s episode. That’s off 0.01 from the 2017 standard of a 0.07 and down 20% in viewership from last week’s 320,000 viewers. Both came close to the lowest points for the year for iMPACT!, which is a 0.05 and 252,000 viewers.

Per Showbuzz Daily, iMPACT! Wrestling ranked #133 among cable originals for the night.

Tomoaki Honma is back on his feet after suffering a serious spinal injury that left him temporarily paralilzed last month. You can see a photo of Honma back on his feet after he suffered a cervical vertebrae injury back in March during a multi-man tag team match, taking a Hangman’s DDT from Jado. He was taken from the ring on a stretcher and was unable to move his lower extremities. He underwent surgery to repair some of the damage and began physical therapy.

On behalf of everyone here on, our best wishes to Honma for a continued recovery.

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