​Raven Discusses His Biggest Regrets (Video), Truth Martini’s HWS Teams Up With WWE & More


Wrestletalk TV recently interviewed former WWE, WCW,
ECW, and TNA wrestler Raven
, who discussed some of his
biggest career regrets, his personal demons, and going through therapy. Below
are some highlights and a video of the interview:

Raven on one of his biggest regrets for his career: “I
wish I wouldn’t have burned so many bridges. I wish I would have played ball
better, strictly from a career aspect.”


Raven on how therapy is helped him and how more wrestlers should do
“Frankly, I think everybody needs therapy. Especially the boys.
The boys are artistic, and the ring is the canvas – no pun intended. You have to
be creative and artistic to be good at this. But because they’re athletes,
they’re trained to ignore emotions and anything that goes with that. So you have
all these creative people with no outlet for their emotion. So what you get is a
lot of drug use, a lot of negative behavior, and a lot of bullshit. If they were
all forced to be in therapy at least once a month, I guarantee you’d have
healthier, better-adjusted workers.”

— ROH’s Truth Martini has announced that Zahra from his “Hot Wrestling
School” has signed with WWE. You can check out an image of her below…

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