Raven Speaks On His WCW Departure, ECW, Eric Bischoff, More


Former WWE Superstar Raven recently spoke with SI.com about various topics. Here are the highlights.


“ECW worked because a lot of the guys sucked,” explained Raven, who was involved in a memorable storyline that included Sandman’s six-year-old son, Tyler, in 1996. “Some of the matches weren’t that good because the guys weren’t that good, but I don’t agree with going ballistic every match because that doesn’t go anywhere.”

On his WCW departure:

Raven also hit great heights of fame. His peaked in WCW when he guided Perry Saturn to victory over Chris Benoit in a “Raven’s Rules” match at Starrcade ‘97. Frustrations over the direction of his character built up to a climax.

“Starrcade was not an opportunity,” said Raven, noting he did not even wrestle. “There was no opportunity. The irony is I walked out. Bischoff held a meeting and said, ‘Raven, if you’re not happy, there is the door.’ He knew I wasn’t happy. Somebody interviewed me, and I expressed my displeasure about the way I was being used.

“I don’t blame Bischoff for being upset—what company allows their guys to talk sh– about them? I was following what the top guys were doing, but if I would have thought about it more—which is the story of my life—I would have just kept quiet and expressed my feelings internally to Bischoff.”

“Yes, I walked out,” said Raven. “If I hadn’t quit, I would have ended working on top. They ended up bringing in guys like Vampiro to work on top, and Jeff Jarrett, to work with Sting, and all of the jacked up guys making the bigger money weren’t being used as the main eventers any more. So the opportunities would have expanded, and they wouldn’t have needed Vampiro because they had Raven.”

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